Turn your product into an adventure!

Let children discover your food products in a fun and educational way. The parent will reward your in a financial way!

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What does FunFoo do?

FunFoo links fun and scientifical proven games to your healthy food product. In doing so, we want to stimulate the interest of children in your healthy product and so deliver value for your end customer. This builds a cheaper and more emotional relationship with your clients.

Besides this, our tool can be perceived as a differentiator and strengthen the company’s brand image in a highly competitive market.

Why our solution?

71% of consumer now claims that expensive discount incentive programs don’t make them loyal at all. 64% of them finds customer experience more important than price. 50% of our respondents mentioned that they struggle to feed their child with healthy food. 

Academic research has shown that there is a statistical effect between gamification and the food patterns of children. With our complementary FunFoo team, we deliver highly validated educational games with proven impact


Go beyond traditional discounts or rewarding shemes and offer experiences!

High percieved value

With offering educational time and stimulating children towards healthier food we will offer your clients value.

Brand image

Healthy food and children is a really hot topic. Food habits are built at an early age and food companies needs to take their responsibility.

Cost saving

Digital ads are becoming more expensive and less effective. Building a strong emotional relation is key.

FunFoo team

Arnaud Smits



Jill Van Parys

Game ux impact designer



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